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Thread: COM DLLs and PWS Crashing

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    I have an ASP application that creates a COM DLL (created in VB) to perform certain tasks. The DLL is created then destroyed on almost every page to do these tasks. After a few pages have been displayed, however, PWS is crashing. I have gone through the DLL code with a very close eye to check that all of my resources are being released on the Class_Terminate, and I&#039m confident that it is not leaking memory. Has anybody else seen this, or know of a way I can determine why this is crashing PWS?<BR><BR>PS: I haven&#039t tried it with full blown IIS yet, but I suspect it will have similar results...

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    1) Do you have your Performance Monitor running? (It&#039s under Admin or System tools and will let you track your memory and CPU a bit better than the task manager.)<BR><BR>2) Are you sure you&#039re not opening a terminationless recursive (function1 calls function2 which makes calls resulting in function1 again) loop somewhere in your code? Most evil thing -- if you&#039re lucky it will instantly kill itself and the Web Serving process without warning or error. Otherwise it might take your whole machine...<BR><BR>HiH

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