I am currently in the process of transferring the sites I run from using ASP/Access to ASP/MySQL w/MyODBC and am having some problems. Different queries that I will run against the recordset objects return zero rows while other queries will return okay. Thus giving me all kinds of errors when I start to process things. I run the same SQL query from the console and get the appropriate return data. Is there anything special I have to take into account in order to get the proper responses.<BR><BR>Here are a couple of the queries. My IDs use BIGINT and strings are using VARCHAR<BR><BR>Culprits:<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM ProductList WHERE Parent = 0 ORDER BY Name<BR><BR>SELECT DISTINCT(Services.ServiceID), ServiceList.ServiceName FROM Services, ServiceList WHERE Services.ServiceID = ServiceList.ServiceID ORDER BY ServiceList.ServiceName<BR>^--- I tried a join with no success as well in this situation.<BR><BR>Okay query:<BR><BR>SELECT CompanyName, URL, FirstName, LastName, EmailName, Address, City, State, PostalCode, Phone, Fax FROM Members WHERE TypeID = 0 AND State = &#039" & state & "&#039 ORDER BY CompanyName<BR><BR>All three are opened from generally within the same context with the default settings for cursors and everything. Generally a straight open, display, scroll situation.<BR><BR>All three queries will run appropriately using ADO within VC++, but I&#039d really hate to have to resort to embedding ActiveX controls on every ASP page pages better tasked to handle it themselves. Any help would be greatly appreciated.