Hi there,<BR><BR>I&#039m a beginner in VB and <BR>I have develop a Active X component which enable me to retrieve metatags of a remote HTML page,I want to use it in a ASP page in VBScript.<BR><BR>The component here don&#039t write file, it&#039s just a class with 4 method <BR>FindMetaTags(URL) which take an URL and assign value to the 3 proreties:<BR><BR>KeywordM<BR>TitleM<BR>DescM<BR>< BR>and 1 get method for each propreties...<BR><BR>After having the component registered on the server using regsvr32...<BR><BR>I wrote (in the ASP page): <BR><BR>set Meta1= server.createobject"GPMetaFetch.Meta")<BR>URL="htt p://www.calema.com/"<BR>Meta1.FindMetaTags(URL) &#060;- ERROR on this line<BR><BR>The error Message:<BR>GPMetaFETCH error &#039 800a01a3&#039 <BR>Permission to use object denied <BR><BR>In fact I can create the object but I can&#039t use it... Frustrating...<BR><BR>Maybe it has something to do with the dll itself ????<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Guillaume