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    I saw Ian Stallings article on Java from ASP and I was able to confirm it using the Symantec Visual cafe compiler. Frankly I was amazed! Do you know what threading model (single, appartment,both?) is being used here and what the performance issues are? I was surprised to be able to have server side java without a java app server like jrun, websphere or the like.<BR>Any idea if this could run in a very high traffic site?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Steve Shier<BR>

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    Im still looking into it but I the idea for the example<BR>written was actually used on<BR>so it should be scalable (don&#039t quote me on that :)<BR>I&#039ll find out exactly how far this will go.<BR><BR><BR>But if you&#039re grabbing data from another site<BR>it probably should be grabbed using the java object and then<BR>cached in the Application object using ASP. There is an example of how to cache data this way at:<BR><BR><BR><BR>e

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