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    I want to read from an external text file.<BR>Lets say I want to read from a file thats not on my server, like:<BR><BR>How can I read from that file?<BR>How can I open the file for reading ?<BR>Because I can only read from file that are on my server, not external file.

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I work for 1 week on this problem, and it&#039s not a simple thing...<BR>My goal was to retrieve metatags from a page<BR>First solution:<BR><BR>Use other&#039s components ... go to <BR><BR><BR><BR>in the HTTP section you will find what you need but...<BR>In my case, I couldn&#039t read the source code of most pages with these 3 components (DNS problem, and I wasn&#039t alone in this case)<BR>This leads use to the second solution...<BR><BR>Write your own component...<BR>I have devellop a Class which retrieve metatags in VB and it works fine... But I have problem to transform it in a useable Dll (see my message just behind yours)...<BR><BR>I hope this will help...<BR>For further informations write me at:<BR><BR><BR>regards,<BR >Guillaume

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