The main Problem:<BR>i use 1 connection,<BR>call the first Select without error,<BR>then the second in the same connection with the error.<BR>(Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers-Fehler &#039 80004005&#039 <BR>Unknown Error)<BR>the connection-string (in the session-variable) is 100%ok, also<BR>the SQL-Statements are 100% coorect, because i also can change the 2 selects, and i always get on the second this error.<BR><BR><BR>here is the ASP-code:<BR>========================================= =======<BR>&#060;%@ Transaction = Required %&#062;<BR> Set Conn1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR> Conn1.Open Session("StoreDSN") <BR> SET DB = Conn1.Execute("select name1 from kanzleien")<BR> SET DB2 = Conn1.Execute("select PLZ from kanzleien")<BR>.....<BR>========================== ======================<BR>the "transaction =required" is necercerry, bercause i use MTS and<BR>want to use transactions.<BR>i also have some activex-dll, with mts-support, and they always support transactions,...i also get the same error<BR><BR>I can solve the Problem, when i make for every select its own connection, but the speed gets horrible !<BR>When i remove the "transaction=required" then the error is solved, but thats not the way i will solve...<BR><BR>plz..can anybody help ?<BR><BR>For me its seems, that with transaction-suppert i can only use one recordset in one Connection once.<BR>but this can&#039t be true, or can it ??<BR><BR>thx for help in andvance,<BR>Thomas Gugler.(