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Thread: Sorting a DICTIONARY?

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    Hello All.<BR> I wish to sort a dictionary. Is there any way to do this?<BR>Any FAQ&#039s, snippets?<BR><BR>Thank you kindly.<BR><BR>-PK-<BR>

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    There isn&#039t a way to do it with a dictionary object. I found a way to simulate that, but it&#039s a bit of a hack.<BR>What you do is create a listbox with a sorted property set to true, then you add each item in the dictionary to the listbox.<BR>Then you removeAll from the dictionary and loop through the listbox, which will have sorted all the items in alphabetical order, adding each item to the dictionary.<BR>It&#039s a strange way to go about it, but it&#039s the only thing I&#039ve been able to do to make it work.<BR><BR>Hope it helps some.

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