Help, My ISP is useless! :-(

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Thread: Help, My ISP is useless! :-(

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    Jb Guest

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    Hello. Thanks to those of you that helped with me having a problem setting up our ip&#039s to host.<BR><BR>Look, our isp, Pacbell is USELESS and we are STUCK. is there or NOT a way to just use the ip&#039s we have to host or not? A wizard or set up that comes with IIS 4.0?<BR><BR>We HAVE the domains, have the server, have the DSL speed, we ONLY need to set up the ip&#039s to host the domain names...our ISP is NOT the solution sadly &#039cause nobody can help us. We have called over and over and over and over and to no avail...<BR><BR>What can we do to get up and running? Is there another solution? This is very depressing...<BR><BR>Thank you

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    Rob Guest

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    Could you write me here and tell me exactly what the problem is.<BR>I will help you get it straightened out.<BR><BR>

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