I have a manageusers.aspx page with a code behind page.
When this page loads I call Membership.GetAllUsers and bind to a gridview (so then I can edit the user or delete them)

What I want to do is populate this gridview based on who is logged in.
This is my structure. My roles are Administrator, Power User, User.
I am the only Admin and I can do and see everyone, but I want my power users (who are companies) to be able to see just the company users.

So say I have company xyz and they have 5 users, I want the power user of company xyz to see their 5 users and not everyone.

Is this possible? If so how do I go about getting this done? This is my first time having to deal with the login controls and membership and roles so bare with me.

Eventually I want the power user to also add users just for their company.

Thanks All.