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    Why should I install a upload component when uploading can be done with vb and ASP only?<BR><BR>What are the benefits?<BR><BR>thnx,<BR><BR>Niels

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    What I&#039ve found is...<BR><BR>The benefits [of a commercial Upload component like SoftArtisans FileUp] include handling more uploads with fewer system resources, adding functionality and features (which you may or may not need), and giving you somebody to point & complain at when something really bad [tm] happens during an upload.<BR><BR>Using somebody&#039s demo "here&#039s a component which can take an upload" component which doesn&#039t vary much from how you&#039d handle an upload in straight ASP saves some system resources.<BR><BR>So, if you&#039re doing business-sorts of work, outsourcing file uploads can be a good thing. If you&#039re doing it for a personal site or educational purposes, you might as well get experience building an upload structure yourself.

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