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    ecp Guest

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    netscape works fine for browsing the web, but when requesting a page off of my computer i.e. "http://MyComputer/SiteName" it wants a password and username. I tried giving it my p.w. and u.n. for the computer but no luck. anyone know how to configure netscape?<BR><BR>details:<BR>Win2k pro, Netscape 4.72,6.0 iis/pws 5.0<BR>

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    Rob Guest

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    You must have the user group set to a non system user account such as administrator. Whatever the group is, you need that <BR>user and password to access it. Right click on the directory<BR>and see what the permissions are set to under the security tab.<BR><BR>Make sure you have the directory set to allow access to all users as well in MMC. Under the site properties I believe there is a chechbox for this

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