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    Hi all.<BR><BR>I have a search form that I use to call a page called search_results.asp.<BR><BR>Initially, after the form is submitted, a simple URL is displayed:<BR><BR><BR><BR>However, since I have a list of results, and I only display 10 results per page, if the user clicks on the "Next Page" link, the URL to page two is:<BR><BR> iteria=TheSearchCriteria<BR><BR>This second URL is nice for our users because they are able to bookmark searches. However, if the search returns less than 10 results, or if they want to bookmark the first page of a search, they are not able to do so because the URL does not include a QueryString.<BR><BR>So, my question is this. Is there anyway I can create a [form method="post" action="search_results.asp?] that is not only dynamic but pulls data from the form? I am thinking this is not really possible because you can&#039t get the data from the form fields before it is submitted. But, since I don&#039t know, and maybe someone has done something like this before, I thought I would ask.<BR><BR>Any process has to be friendly to all browsers, including WebTV.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance! And if you have any answers, please e-mail me at<BR><BR>Chris

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    &nbsp;<BR>I guess I&#039m missing something:<BR><BR>On the initial page, your user fills out some form fields and<BR>then submits it. You display some results. You want the<BR>user to be able to bookmark the page with those results.<BR><BR>So why not simply use &#060;FORM....Method="Get"&#062; and<BR>then all the answers from the form appear in the URL of the<BR>next page? Apparently, you are doing something like that<BR>for further pages, no? Why not for the first page, then?<BR><BR>What am I missing?<BR><BR>If you must do a METHOD=POST on that initial page, <BR>then *maybe* you could get it to work by doing a <BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Response.Redirect "whatever.asp?curpage=1&Search=Owner&SearchCriteri a=TheSearchCriteria<BR>???<BR><BR>

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