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    Given Class Foo1 and Class Foo2 where Foo1 has general functions and Foo2 has specific functions;<BR><BR>Given that Foo2 is being used to build an ASP and can rely on Foo1 in pretty much any way necessary to make this work (inclusive of Foo1 being a referenced .dll);<BR><BR>Then how can I make the generic functions in Foo1 call a specific function in Foo2?<BR><BR>Example: Foo1 has "Clay", "Glaze", "Kiln" and "Scupture". Foo2 determines what exactly "Sculpture" is, but regardless of that, we&#039ll still be using the same basic "Clay", "Glaze" and "Kiln" that we set up in Foo1. So is it possible or is my OO thinking not mapping to the workings of VB?<BR><BR>Great thanks for anybody who knows...

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    Default Found it. (URL included)

    Well, it&#039s not a pretty way of doing things, but MS has an article on polymorphism and VB Components at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/devprods/vs6/vbasic/vbcon98/vbconinheritancepolymorphismallthat.htm

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