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    Dharma Guest

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    Hi, <BR>I need to install acrobat reader in the clients machine with his consent using "IE5", just as the active-x contrl or dll work with &#060;object&#062; and codebase. This must be done on a button click, no IE messageboxes must display(that which asks for "save as" or "run from the location"), can someone help out,<BR>any help is appreciated,<BR>Thanks,<BR>Dharmaraj.

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    I doubt this is possible because of the security risk.<BR>If it is then man, watch out. I could make a javascript<BR>that clicks the hidden button using onLoad and away it<BR>goes installing something on your client machine.<BR><BR><BR>This isn&#039t ASP by the way. You probably will get more<BR>accurate answers from a client-side topic messageboard.<BR>I would search for the answer and see what it comes<BR>up with. Im curious to know too, so if you get a different<BR>answer let me know.<BR>

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