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    Genny Guest

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    We setup mail servers for some of our clients using Microsoft&#039s SMTP service. I&#039ve been asked to build a web-based interface for clients to view messages in their mailbox, and I&#039m looking for an ASP solution.<BR><BR>I came across one article on Microsoft&#039s site, but it required Exchange and Site Server. I&#039m looking for a pure ASP code or component solution if possible. The web server and SMTP server are located on the same machine. Can anyone point me to an article on how to do this?

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    RGibson Guest

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    Genny,<BR><BR>If I understand you question, I don&#039t believe you can do what your wanting to do by only using the MS SMTP Service and ASP. The SMTP Service only processes a message. It has no message store or POP3 login capabilities. If you have MS Exchange, it comes standard with an ASP Web front end that looks almost exactly like the outlook client and gives you all the advantages of Exchange Server.<BR><BR>Hope this helps!<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>-rg<BR>

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    fl1rt Guest

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    if there is an article...it will be a long one!<BR><BR>I&#039ve practically finished my web based system, just like HoTMail & Yahoo and uses a third party componant ASPPOP3 from serverobjects.com to retrieve e-mail.<BR><BR>As to the front-end, back-end and database scripts...there&#039s a lot of them to get it looking and behaving really smart and this is what will take you weeks to create.<BR><BR>I&#039m looking to probably make my system commercial in a couple of months time.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Genny Guest

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    Thanks for your answers; I&#039m starting to understand the scope of the project.<BR><BR>Some people have recommended IMail from ipswitch.com. Does anyone have experiencing using that software?

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