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    Diesel Guest

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    Hi,<BR>I have MS interdev installed on my home computer. It works fine with PWS, and I can test asp pages etc. the problem is the color properties doesnt work when i am writing the code. i.e when i write code for an html or asp page, it just writes it as plain text. It does not have the three modes at the bottom i.e design mode etc. so the color coded text doesnt work. I have re installed interdevto no avail. can I anyone tell me what I am doing wrong

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    Franco Guest

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    Diesel<BR><BR>It might be with the way that you set up Interdev to run ASP pages. I have sort of the opposite problem: I can get VI to create and run HTML pages with full colour but it doesn&#039t recognise ASP code at all.<BR><BR>Is there a setting within PWS that allows you to run ASP?<BR><BR>You can get me at<BR><BR>F.<BR>

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    When you use "Open With" do you have the HTML Editor option?<BR><BR>What version of IE is on the machine?

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    Diesel Guest

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    Hi Andrew,<BR><BR>I have IE 5 on my machine. Yes I have the HTML editor option, but it just displays plain text with no color options

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