I am trying to build a site development platform. I can use ASP or ColdFusion. My page templates would all contain a central table cell that would display target content (as HTML fragment files retrieved from the database. Therefore in order to create a new page I would develop a wizard-like routine that would allow me to (1)inititate the new page process (2)Determine the existing template through which the page content will flow (3)Create the page content using a visual editor (like that built into IE4+) (4)Add prebuilt script modules (built in either ColdFusion or ASP) to the page at any location via drag and drop from a list of those modules and (5) Save the resulting content to the database as formatted HTML<BR><BR>My question involves the scripts. If the page contains only HTML, then I can call the record that contains the content via ASP and have it written to the browser as is. No problem there, just reference the content via its ID and page template through the querystring (createpage.asp?template=default&ID=2)<BR><BR>But, if the page contains a module that contains ASP or ColdFusion Code, then in the case of ASP, the code would not be processed, only the directive to retrieve the record that contains the code would be executed. Even if the content contained an include directive to the script on the server, it would be written to the browser as is and not processed.<BR><BR>Then the question is how to achieve this functionality. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a workable solution to this? Does ColdFusion have the same problem with this scenario? I am not as familiar with it as I am with ASP.<BR>