I Have These Weird Columns--Can I Drop Them?

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Thread: I Have These Weird Columns--Can I Drop Them?

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    Default I Have These Weird Columns--Can I Drop Them?

    Hey, this question isn&#039t too hard...<BR><BR>I have 5 columns that appear when I do a select * query that I never use, never insert values into, and since I didn&#039t design the table I don&#039t know what they were for. All I want to know is if these columns have some sort of SQL-internal reason for being there. I *do* know the designer imported the table from Access 97... let me know so I can drop &#039em.<BR><BR>Gen_body (int), Gen_Expansion (int), s_Generation (int), s_GUID (uniqueidentifier), s_lineage (image)<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>Ben

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    Default RE: I Have These Weird Columns--Can I Drop Them?

    Unless the designer is reading this board, you won&#039t get a specific answer. I would advise leaving them in a copy of the database, make another copy of the database, delete the columns, and see if the copy works like the original. That should tell you whether or not you can dispose of them.

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    Default Let me explain a little bit better...

    Actually, I&#039m the one writing all the code that deals with the table, and I didn&#039t even know the columns existed until I did sp_columns on the table. I just want to know if the columns are necessary to the database, like they&#039re used for some sort of stored procedure or primary key thing... if not, then I&#039ll drop them.<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>Ben

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