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Thread: CASH!!!

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    CLAtech Guest

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    Hey, I&#039m an ASP Programmer and I was wondering what the going rate is for us. I know what I&#039m getting paid and I want to know it its equal, below or above the norm. Thanks.

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    fl1rt Guest

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    The rate is simple to work out, but is personal to each programmer/designer depending upon their skillset, experience, speed, quality etc.<BR><BR>I don&#039t think that there is a standard and you basically get paid what you&#039re worth or deserve!<BR><BR><BR>1) If you&#039re hungry...<BR> - you&#039re not getting paid enough!<BR> - you&#039re work is below standard<BR><BR>2) If you&#039re getting turned down jobs...<BR> - you&#039re over charging.<BR> - they don&#039t know talent when they see it<BR><BR>3) If you&#039re cool...<BR> - you must be me : )<BR><BR>I have a wide variety of disciplines and many years of experience, so I can afford to be very choosy about what I undertake and very too<BR><BR>fl1rt<BR><BR>

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    Keep off the board! Guest

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    Why are you being such an asshole! Why don&#039t you just answer his question. An ASP programmer usually can get through an agency anywhere from $60-100/hour in New York. If you get about $60 you probably do not know anything about the COM/DCOM world and Server Side Javascript. If you do, you can charge a higher rate.<BR><BR>

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    Default thank you

    i too am in new york, and a while ago i too wanted to know how much to charge...<BR>guess i&#039ve been lurking in the shallow end. i think i&#039ll put my rates up<BR>:)

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    tbyrnes Guest

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    ASP w/SQL Server, COM, & e-commerce is getting $150-175 an hour in Atlanta for enterprise level projects. <BR>Free advice: Focus only on the high-end projects. You get to work on some really cool stuff and besides, the people who only want the little nickel-dime stuff are never willing to pay you what it is worth.

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    fl1rt Guest

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    (_&#124_)hole ? no<BR>Because there is no definate answer to the question - that&#039s why!<BR><BR>Q: How long is a piece of string ?<BR>A: It doesn&#039t matter how long it is, so long as it&#039s long enough for you and you&#039re happy with it.<BR><BR>Rates change depending (as I said) upon your level of expertise, experience and also taking into account the clients limitations, expenses, deadlines, short notice. Then you have different cities, countries to consider, some could double or treble their rates depending on where you are from, or who it&#039s for.<BR><BR>The rate itself is subjective and personal.<BR>A little bit cheeky yes, but put very simply...<BR> - you get what you ask for and if you ask too much, you don&#039t get as I said.<BR><BR>A very simple interative process for evaluating your own worth.<BR>and your worth is very clear by using offensive words.<BR><BR>

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    Thomas Whalen Guest

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    wrong, brother. I put a lot of stock into how a person treats others and how honest they are to others. For you to answer the guy with your "3 possible solutions" is indicative that you don&#039t really know what you are talking about. Or, you are insecure of yourself to the point of further blinding others when you see it of benefit to you. I guess MY third possible solution is that you are retarded in a sociological sense and your only means of communication is that of demonstrating just how condescending you really are.<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Thomas Whalen<BR><BR>

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    fl1rt Guest

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    I&#039ve seen your work or lack there of and understand that you know very little of web design, content and wouldn&#039t have a clue about financial matters relating to commercial web based projects.<BR><BR>I on the other hand, have developed successful multi-million dollar projects in the last 10 years and a number of successful personal net ventures and commercial sites. Perhaps you should do your research before jumping to such conclusions<BR> - then again, that&#039s what makes the difference.<BR><BR>So does that give me a good platform from which to throw in an opinion?<BR><BR> - Yes, I think it does.<BR><BR>Those that don&#039t like it, are generally those that aren&#039t making a living from the net. So stick to your insecure hotmail account and promoting your empty portfolio<BR><BR> - leave it to the professionals

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    Thomas Whalen Guest

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    There is a reason that my portfolio is practically empty. It is because I am new to the web programming arena. You have a good point. But...but, that is the only good point I have seen so far from you and your shenanigan of offering condescending advice to an innocent person looking to get a career started or improved. It does NOT take a web guru or rocket scientist to clearly see that a scientist asks questions with the intention of getting scientific answers (or as close to factual/reliable as possible). You, on the other hand, do not give scientific answers. Your answers are more from an insecure stance, someone who is angered at the world and perhaps is more than willing to make up for your lost opportunities by making sure others don&#039t get any opportunities. Just because you have more experience and knowledge than me does not by any means mean that you are any sort of a content, successful person. I am content with my little site on eWebCity (to me that site is worth everything in the world to me, is worth far more than the million-dollar websites you claim to have built) and the reason I posted the email address of trw_secure@hotmail is so that immature persons such as yourself would not get very far in doing something malicious with my email or feed an important email account out to all kinds of junk sites. You know what is best of all? I don&#039t have to use fancy, schmanzy language as you do in order to get my point across. Oh, yeah keep on promoting your "million dollar site-experience" do you really believe people who buy that?<BR><BR>Thomas Whalen<BR>

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    fl1rt Guest

    Default RE: CASH!!!

    Sorry Thomas, but one thing you should learn from life is that there is always someone better than you and you&#039ve just met him. I&#039ve yet to meet my nemesis.<BR><BR>In fact, maybe you should take a look through my postings, yes, sure some are a bit cheeky and why not?<BR>so many people post such dumb stupid questions or leave themselves wide open to redicule that it has to be taken hand in hand with the job. And those that wish to flame, flame for the wrong reasons or against the wrong person - as in this case and will simply get flamed back.<BR><BR>In addition to that, who said this had to be serious ????<BR>If you actually experienced "proper development" (even at one of the top software publishers) you&#039d find that we mess around for the best part of the day....because we can.<BR><BR>* Chatting up secretaries<BR>* Playing Golf Indoors<BR>* Gambling<BR>* Having all day meetings when not required<BR>* Taking long business lunches<BR><BR>As to non-technical/scientific, I think you&#039ll find that I&#039m creating some leading ASP technologies at the moment and have already published 3 articles on 4Guys. I would do more, but I&#039m too busy.<BR> - so chew on that ;)<BR><BR>On the commercial side I&#039ve co-ordinated and help developed sites for Premiership Soccer Clubs, Jewellery manufacturers, Celebrity Sites and computer software publishers, but mainly computer software but also developing sophisticated applications that are currently attracting venture capital.<BR><BR>If your "little" site keeps you content, fine.<BR>It is purely subjective but from a clients point of view, there is nothing of subtance to confirm the competance or disciplines required to achieve the standards for a dynamic, stylish commercial site.<BR><BR>Not only do you not use fancy, schmanzy language in your rhetoric, but the same is true of your work. So, this quite clearly shows the great divulgence in expereince and back to the original question....<BR><BR>It is very hard to establish a given medium for costing an individuals worth. It&#039s purely subjective.<BR>You charge what you&#039re content with and if you&#039re not content then you&#039re either undercharging or overcharging. It&#039s an interative process based upon so many different factors.<BR><BR>so again, if you&#039re hungry - you&#039re not doing too well!<BR> please, somebody feed Thomas.<BR><BR><BR>(sorry for the flame on 4Guys but some of these newbies have to learn the hard way)

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