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    Desperate Trev Guest

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    Does anyone know if it&#039s possible to use temporary tables created within stored procedures as recordsets on an ASP?<BR><BR>I keep trying but without success.

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    I haven&#039t tried this, but you could run this query in your stored procedure - This will create a new table ,then you get your results from there<BR><BR><BR>temptable is the name of the table you want to use<BR><BR>SELECT Table1.* INTO temptable<BR><BR>FROM Table1<BR><BR>WHERE (((Table1.ID)&#062;3));<BR><BR>

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    Not So Desperate Now Trev Guest

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    You&#039re a diamond. This works!!! Instead of selecting the result set into a #temporarytable or ##temporarytable (global) within the stored procedure as I had been trying, this creates a &#039new&#039 table that I can call from another procedure and just pass my parameters to it as it is created to keep the result set as small as possible. I can now &#039see&#039 the results on my ASP.<BR><BR>Cheers Gavin!!!!

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