FTP to my PWS?

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Thread: FTP to my PWS?

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    I really need some help here... Im needing to ftp to my personal web server from adobe golive. Go live will allow mw to work in a visual editor through a server. I need real time updating to see whats happening while i make asp pages connected to a database. Please help me be able to dial in to my personal web server without being online so i can work with my asp pages. How do I achieve this. Thankyou for helping me...<BR><BR>Email jcdied4me@netzero.net (Jeff)

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    I am not putting this in concrete but I would be surprised if this is possible. Unless the PWS is installed on an NT system. PWS does not have the ability to manage user access.<BR>That is done by the operating system (NT), not the server.<BR>PWS is a local testing component to mimic a live server.<BR>

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