I have a problem with a query from ACCESS that looks like the following:<BR>----&#062;8----<BR>SELECT Tesi.TesiID, First(Tesi.Titolo) AS PrimoDiTitolo, First(Tesi.Abstract) AS PrimoDiAbstract, First(keyword.Parola) AS PrimoDiParola<BR>FROM Tesi LEFT JOIN keyword ON Tesi.TesiID = keyword.TesiId<BR>GROUP BY Tesi.TesiID<BR>HAVING (((First(Tesi.Titolo)) Like "*inland*")) OR (((First(Tesi.Abstract)) Like "*inland*")) OR (((First(keyword.Parola)) Like "*inland*"))<BR>ORDER BY Tesi.TesiID;<BR>----&#062;8----<BR>Unfortunately, as I change what need to be changed and copy to my ASP page, the FIRST command won&#039t work. Without the "FIRST", the query work fine, but I got a lot of item with the same "TESIID".<BR>How can I obtain the same result of that ACCESS SQL query?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>Simon