I have a JScript corporate intranet phone book on NT 4 IIS 4 server that allows you to enter a query and search in different categories from an Access database, including first & last name, user id, and phone number. It works perfectly by using SQL statements and ADO Connection and Recordset. However, on the phone book page, I added a feature that detects the user id (Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER")) and looks it up in the database to retrieve the visitor&#039s first and last name. This works perfectly when logged locally, but when the user is logged into domain, it displays "undefined undefined" as the first and last name. The database is located locally on the server. Do you have any idea how to solve this? Here is the code outline:<BR><BR>1. Detects NT username using "LOGON_USER" server variable and saves it in "user" variable<BR>2. Creates objConn object, and connects to "Contacts.mdb" database.<BR>3. Creates objRS object, and runs SQL command that filters all the database records down to one record that has the "user" value in the CONTACT_ID field (the userid field)<BR>4. Uses objRS to retrieve FIRST_NAME and LAST_NAME and saves them into two variables<BR>5. Displays them using Response.write