I have a data base, the password and userlogin are different for security purposes, and I can&#039t seem to write to the database. I have done everything right i believe and it&#039s still not working. This is to change a user universal password. The table name is "Password", Please help. Here is the code...<BR><BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>response.write request.Form("NewPassword")<BR><BR>dim data<BR>set data=server.createobject("adodb.recordset")<BR>dat a.open "Password", "DSN=32ndMembers;ui=userid;pwd=password"<BR><BR><B R><BR>data("Password") = request.Form("NewPassword")<BR>data.update<BR>data .close<BR>data = Nothing<BR><BR>%&#062;<BR>If you know, please e-mail me at Contact@Nic2K.com