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Thread: Creating Database Table on the fly

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    I know I&#039ve seen this done somewhere before but heck if I can remember where or how. <BR><BR>Here&#039s what I&#039m doing: I&#039m running a crosstab query on a table(s) that has new fields added weekly and displaying them on the web with an aggregated sum on the columns with values.<BR><BR>Problem: I&#039ve been asked to sort the database according to the sum and that&#039s not possible on a crosstab query. I&#039ve been told (and this is what I&#039ve seen before) to put everything into a temporary table then sort the sum but the problem is I have no idea how to create a table through an ASP. I&#039ve added records to them before so that&#039s not a problem but I need help on creating the table and the field headers. <BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Mike Horton<BR>Webmaster of<BR>GPL F2/F3 Hotlaps and Other Downloadables<BR><BR>and<BR>GPVL League Points Page<BR> &#060;---that&#039s the page I&#039m having the problem with.

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