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    Steve Karsch Guest

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    I read the article, paging through recordsets at<BR>In front of the paging I have a query that runs that selects certain records etc. It works the first time, but if I run a new query, the FIRST page shows up right (and gives the correct amount of records), but if I click the Next button, it brings me to the 2nd record in the previous query I ran. If I hit next again, it brings me to the 3rd record in the previous query. It seems like the original recordset is getting stored in memory, but I don&#039t know how to get rid of it. By the way, I&#039m paging through the recordset 1 record at a time. Any clues?<BR>Thanks a lot!<BR>Steve Karsch

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    HUbert Wallace Guest

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    I have the exact problem, if you ever find the solution please send me a note. Wallace<BR>

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    It sounds like the page is being cached. Try putting this at the top of your page:<BR>&#060;meta HTTP-EQUIV="Expires" CONTENT="0"&#062;<BR>

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