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    I am trying to connect a database using asp. when i run it I keep getting an error message saying that the include file cannot be found. this file is really in the program files on the root drive so I don&#039t understand. Another error message I am getting is: "Microsoft VBScript compilation error &#039 800a0400&#039 Expected statement /inventorytabke.asp, line 8<BR>Option Explicit<BR>^<BR>I need help with this. I am using the script from page499 of Sams Teach Yourself Active Server Pages 3.0 in 21 days.

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    I have my file in my root website and I place <BR>&#060;!--#include virtual=""--&#062; as the first line of my asp page. You can include a .inc file via virtual= or file=. I don&#039t know what your asp file says so it&#039s hard to say exactly what the second error is about but my guess is that the Option Explicit statement is not surrounded by &#060;% %&#062;.<BR>

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