Javascript and Frames -- A CHALLENGE!!

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Thread: Javascript and Frames -- A CHALLENGE!!

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    lorin unger Guest

    Default Javascript and Frames -- A CHALLENGE!!

    Hi...<BR>Everyone loves a challenge ;-)<BR>Here&#039s my dilemma: I&#039ve created a framed site in which the frameset and the contents of the upper frame reside on my server and are under my full control. The content on the lower frame is on someone else&#039s server. The problem is, they also use frames and often load new pages on "_top", thereby breaking out of my frameset. Is there a way implement some client side script to ensure that the lower frame content remains in my frameset? I&#039m not free to implement *any* code changes/additions on the content in the lower frame so any script would have to reside in either the file in the upper frame or in the frameset itself.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Peter Wilson Guest

    Default RE: Javascript and Frames -- A CHALLENGE!!

    I don&#039t think you can do this. You can create your own window (like a TV remove) to control what is displayed in another window. That other window could not affect you - presuming they did not know your window name (or had a lock of your hair :-)).<BR>

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    Lorin Guest

    Default RE: Javascript and Frames -- A CHALLENGE!!

    Thanks for your response...<BR>I, too, have a suspicion that it can&#039t be done (though I haven&#039t given up yet!). Actually, what you suggest is the very solution I&#039ve currently implemented, however this isn&#039t acceptable brom a biz standpoint (for branding/marketing reasons).<BR><BR>Thanks for the feedback, though. If I find a solution I&#039ll post it here.<BR><BR>Lorin

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