How much does IIS 4 cost?

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Thread: How much does IIS 4 cost?

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    Default How much does IIS 4 cost?

    Hello, may sound dumb but I don&#039t know. Do I need special type of computer or simply my home pc with this added? Then, I have pws. That can&#039t host, I assume, so if I have iis I need to buy Ip&#039s. What else? So I can host my own site?<BR><BR>Thank you.

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    Have a look at the M$oft site for PWS. You can get it free by downloading NT Option Pack 4 (all 26MB worth) from there. If you&#039re running Win 95/98, the option pack will prompt you to install PWS, if you have NT (on a home PC? Maybe) then it will try to install IIS. Gratis. The only cost is to your patience and phone and electricity bills.

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    Default But can that host websites?

    Hello, thanks for your reply. I have pws at home with windows 98. But I can&#039t host my own domain, though, right?<BR><BR>Otherwise, I MUST pay a monthly fee for a server? Thanks<BR><BR>Jb

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