Ok I have 2 servers.<BR>************************************** ***************************<BR>First server:<BR>I have installed IIS and SMTP, I have been using SMTP of IIS for sending email.<BR>**************************************** *************************<BR>Secound server:<BR>I have installed SSL and Exchange. I&#039ve also installed SMTP of Exchange.<BR>************************************* ****************************<BR>-I would like to be able to send email from my secound server.<BR><BR>-Now, I would like to know if there is a diffence between the two SMTP&#039s. <BR><BR>-In my .asp pages is the code going to be different since I&#039m using two different SMTP&#039s ???<BR><BR>-Can you tell me a good article or a good links where I can find information on the difference&#039s between the SMTP of IIS and SMTP of Exchange, and how they are used in an .asp pages<BR><BR>Sincerely <BR>Thanks<BR>Vlince<BR>