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    Hans Blomberg Guest

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    I`m having a very big problem. I have made a registraion area that makes it possible for users to sign up with their usernames, passwords and some fact about themself. The information that they are putting in on the registration area sends to an Access database. They can then connect to my community on the login page and start chatting with people. <BR><BR>The only thing that is missing on my community is that the users can`t change their userdetails about themself online. They must have the opportunity to change their details that they typed in on the registration page.<BR><BR>How should I do?<BR><BR><BR>

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    Hans,<BR>If you have a registered users area, give them a page to update their information. Require them to enter their current password to verify that they are the actual member and not someone else trying to change another member&#039s information. <BR>As a good habit, I also send a confirmation e-mail to the member&#039s e-mail address telling them that their information has changed. That way, if someone else has changed their information, they can contact me and let me know that they weren&#039t the one who changed it.<BR><BR><BR>Dan Anderson<BR>

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    David Highlander Guest

    Default Hey Dan

    Hey man, I would love to hear how you did the confirmation email. I know how to allow users to edit their profile on line but the code for the confirmation email escapes me.<BR><BR>Think you would be willing to supply some code?

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