Hi,<BR>Two things. I&#039ve created an HTML document that users will need to print off, but I need to modify some of the settings "on the fly".<BR><BR>1. The margins default to .75" all around the html I&#039ve created. If I go into FilePage Setup in IE5.0, and modify the margin to .25", the document prints without a problem. Is there a way to modify those margins before printing with my client-side javascript? I think I&#039ve found a way using dhtml, but I&#039m not 100% certain.<BR><BR>2. Very similiar to the above question, IE wants to print the name of the window in the top left, Page # of # in the top right, the URL in the bottom left, and the date in the bottom right by default. Going into FilePage Setup, I can remove these, so they don&#039t print, but again I would like to do this dynamically, as well. I&#039ve also noticed that if I make any of these changes through the menu bar, when I re-open IE the next time, they are back to their original values.<BR><BR>This is kind of frustrating, can anyone help?<BR><BR>Jess <BR><BR><BR>