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    B. Larson Guest

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    I am just starting to design a new web page with many advanced features and I am finding that there are a confusing array of technologies that can be used to provide the functionality I would like on my web site. Can you tell me if I am going down the correct path with my web site needs? My web site needs the following features:<BR><BR>- Unique user login to subscription-based web pages<BR>- Ability to generate reports from many different SQL databases<BR>- Ability to format the data that is output to the browser<BR>- Support for MS IE and Netscape browsers<BR><BR>To develop these capabilities, I have or plan on using the following software:<BR><BR>- MS SQL Server 6.5<BR>- MS IIS Server (From the NT option pack download)<BR>- NetOjects Fusion<BR>- JScript<BR><BR>I am a novice at most of these technologies although I am learning fast. The requirements for my web site are not extremely difficult but I am confused as to what technologies I should use to provide the capabilities. <BR><BR>I would prefer to purchase any ASP components I would need like the authentication procedure for user login and the DB connection and formatting code rather than write it. Also, the books tell me I can download the ASP server code that sits on top of IIS from the Microsoft website but I can&#039t find it anywhere. Any idea where it is?<BR><BR>What are your recommendations?

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    B. Larson Guest

    Default ....and Visual Interdev

    Oh yeah. Forgot to add that I am planning on using Visual Interdev too.

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