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    i&#039m building an archive of news articles, and have succesfully done so using an Access db, but i&#039ve just realised that a much better solution would be to have some server side script to auto generate the static HTML pages and dispense with the database altogether - this is because each news item links only from an archive of items in that particular month - the content isn&#039t dynmaic enough to be reliant on a database, however the maintanance is much better suited to a database. <BR><BR>What I&#039d like is a script which queried the database and generated static HTML pages for each news item, and an index page for a particular month. Anyone have any ideas?<BR><BR>marco

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    Do the query as usual and then use filesystemobject and writeline function to create your static HTML page.<BR><BR>I&#039ve done it before and it works fine.<BR><BR>There&#039s no point me giving you the code because this is a useful object to find out about.<BR><BR>Hope you find this useful<BR>James

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