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    can anyone tell me why my listbox is exectly the right size in IE but it only displays 2 rows in netscapes. these sizing problems between IE and netscape a getting pretty annoying. anyone agree?<BR>any help (or just general hints on handling the incompatibilities between netscape and IE) would be greatly appreciated.

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    What code are you using for the &#060;SELECT&#062; ???<BR><BR>Generally, if you do<BR> &#060;SELECT .... Size=10...&#062;<BR>I have found it to work okay.<BR><BR>Now the *width* of a SELECT list is another problem.<BR><BR>About the only way to get that to work right is to use a STYLE, and then of course it doesn&#039t work in older browsers.<BR><BR>Anyway: SHOW CODE.<BR><BR>

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    here is how I&#039m creating it. I&#039ve also tried setting the size by pixels, again, works great in IE, 2 lines in netscape.<BR><BR>&#060;SELECT id=lstModelCodes name=lstModelCodes size=2 style="HEIGHT: 30%; WIDTH: 182px" LANGUAGE=javascript onchange="return lstModelCodes_onchange()"&#062;<BR><BR>thank you.<BR>After taking a closer look at it I think I see the problem, size=2. I wasn&#039t aware of this as most of the ASP stuff I have done has been geared to IE.

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