Looking for a SQL Server 7.0 Expert for this one..

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Thread: Looking for a SQL Server 7.0 Expert for this one..

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    TimAlvis Guest

    Default Looking for a SQL Server 7.0 Expert for this one..

    I&#039m still searching for the answer to the SQL Server 7.0 question able number of tables. I can&#039t find any performance information related to table number, and I also am unable to find any information regarding a table number limit.<BR><BR>To give you an idea, my assumption is that it would be easier on memory to only open the table with necessary information for the users currently logged in than it would be to load up a table containing all the members information and sorting through that. But, will having 5000+ Tables cause a problem? ( 1250 people would result in 5000 tables, 4 per account.. )<BR><BR>

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    Skinny Guest

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    SQLServer certainly wouldn&#039t have any trouble with 5000 tables (assuming that you have the hardware for it), but I still wouldn&#039t go at it this way. It would would be better to store the information in your 4 tables and then run a SQL select query to gather the information for a particular person.<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM cutomers WHERE custID = thisCustomer<BR><BR>You can do all of theis from pre-compiled stored procedures that will take parameters and will be lightning fast.<BR><BR><BR>Your tables could have millions of records, SQL Server would eat&#039em up<BR>Hope this helps.

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    TimAlvis Guest

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    That is very similar to the other T-SQL statements I was planning on using for pulling up accounts payable information on the customers that way, but I was worried their account histories would cause performance trouble.... thank god I came here first. 8)<BR><BR>Thanks again!

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