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    jason Guest

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    I have to re-write an application that uses application("my_Con_string") to connect to a sql database. The information for the connection string sits in the global.asa. I prefer to use an include file for my connection string.<BR><BR>My question is; which one will be quicker - the application object or the include file? Scalability and lots of speed are needed

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    SPG Guest

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    If it&#039s just the connection string in the global.asa, then that&#039s probably faster. Not a lot -- there&#039s not a lot of difference either way -- but overall.<BR><BR>What you may give up, however, is scalability. Here&#039s how:<BR><BR>Group Foo has a website. Their website uses the Foo database with all of the Foo information in it. This is good and happy. Suddenly, along comes a Re-Org of Doom and Foo is now the overseeing group for project Bar. Project Bar needs a website under Foo with the same applications, but a different database (since we don&#039t want to have wandering Foo data). Now, if we use the global.asa approach, Bar will have to be it&#039s own application even though it uses the same code as Foo. However, if we were using an include file, it would simply be a matter of pointing the Bar includes to a more localized file. Repeat for every group and you&#039ll have a big old mess on your hands if something goes wrong with the server, as you&#039ll have to rebuild every application -- as opposed to just making sure the directories are in order.<BR><BR>This discovery means that I have to go back and rebuild some of my apps...<BR><BR>Additionally, the .asa variable will stay resident long after your visitors have gone; the include won&#039t. So, if you&#039re concerned about hyper-scalability (1 -Billion- Users!), the include might be better. What would be really slick with the include is if you set up a tiny little RAM drive and put your included file on it...

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