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    Im using a client that doesnt allow cookies, but need to track indiviual users becouse of session variables. I have used Session.sessionId and then sent to the client as a hidden field in a form now when I return how can I get the server to know its the same client...Or does IIS only look for the cookie aspsession is there a work around? Thanks Eric

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    Without cookies, there are *NO* session variables.<BR><BR>And the session ID changes with *EACH PAGE*.<BR><BR>Tell your client to allow cookies or you won&#039t play with him.<BR><BR>No, sorry. I know that&#039s not always possible. <BR><BR>Probably the best you can do is create a temporary entry in a database and then, as they hit the next page, go get the info back from the database. It sounds like a lot of overhead, but it is actually what Microsoft recommends you do on very busy sites! (Turns out that session variables can *eat* memory, badly. Using the DB as a storage site cuts *way* down on memory overhead.)<BR><BR>Be sure to periodically expire those temporary database entries. Maybe "sweep" the database once an hour and delete all entries more than an hour old? <BR><BR>

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