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    You can&#039t effectively use server-side includes to call blocks of ASP code because SSI&#039s are processed BEFORE ASP. ASP 3 features the Server.Execute method, which seems like a good alternative to server-side includes. But if the page you execute tries to work with an ADO recordset called from the first page, it can&#039t find the object. Dumping the recordset into the session works but is not practical at all, especially on the enterprise level. See the problem? What&#039s the workaround...

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    I&#039m guessing that your ADO object is inside a function in the <BR>include file. Try declaring the ADO object outside the function<BR>in the include file. This will make it a global variable, and it<BR>can be accessed from the second page.<BR><BR>-- Skippie<BR><BR><BR>By the way......what is a g-town???????????????<BR><BR>

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    5 bucks says it means georgetown

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