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    Hello all, I do not want to use SMTP and CDONTS to send my email cause I have Exchange installed on my server and both of then aren&#039t working together cause their using the same port. That&#039s what I&#039ve been told! Can someone tell me where I can find the code that will allow me to send email in my .asp pages using Exchange?<BR>Sincerely<BR>Vlince

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    CDONTS is a component that is part of NT IIS or exchange server. I really dont what is the difference between CDO and CDONTS.. (For your information CDO is used to make web enabled mail application through ASP). If you want to learn more visit and search for CDO...

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    Yes... I am also looking for sample codes to send email via Exchange using CDO instead of CDONTS. It&#039s so hard to find codes for this.<BR><BR>IF anyone found it.. can email me?<BR><BR>Rgds<BR>

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