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    I am trying to use a "select all" option in a drop down menu which will return all values within the menu to another web page.<BR>It works fine when selecting one value from the list but am unable to return all at the same time.<BR><BR>This is the error after submit button on input page.<BR><BR>Syntax error converting the varchar value &#039 452 453 454 456 457 458 459&#039 to a column of data type int. <BR>

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    Got a solution for ya...<BR><BR>take the variable that contains &#039 452 453 454.....&#039 and SPLIT() it, like so:<BR><BR>newArrayOfValues = SPLIT(stringList, " ")<BR><BR>This takes and creates a new element for each item separated by a space.<BR><BR>You&#039re getting the syntax error because you can&#039t insert multiple values into a table like you&#039re doing above... you have to do it a little bit more &#039manually&#039.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Ben

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