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    Hi:<BR>I&#039m running VI on an NT workstation, and it looks like we&#039re<BR>upgrading the machine, which in this case will require a new hard drive,<BR>etc. (Still NT workstation.) Everything is working fine now (well, for the<BR>most part) in working locally and publishing to the server.<BR><BR>At the same time, I figured I would go ahead and install Frontpage, to be<BR>able to make layout changes easier.<BR><BR>1) Is having FP on the same machine as VI wise?<BR>2) Should I use FP 98 or 2000? (I don&#039t care about which development<BR>version is better, etc., I want the smartest route regarding extensions).<BR>3) Which should I install first, FP then VI? I&#039m foreseeing an extensions<BR>nightmare.<BR>4) If I make layout changes in FP, then drop the html file (with forms,<BR>etc.) onto the Project Explorer, will the server I publish to understand<BR>FP&#039s changed webbot info? Seems like if I made a change in FP that impacted<BR>a form somewhere like in Save Results, that VI would never see that. In<BR>which case should I be publishing via FP *and* VI to the server?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>

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    Default FP98 and Interdev - IMPORTANT

    WARNING: FP 98 will scramble ASP code. Do not open pages with ASP code in FP. The two don&#039t mix. Got it?<BR><BR>This does not happen with FP 2000. Instead, your bank balance takes a nosedive as you compare the prices of Off.2k professional and Off.2k premium. Of course if you&#039re not paying for it...<BR><BR>FP and Interdev work together OK in the sense that you can create your HTML and then your ASP code without resorting to different machines. <BR><BR>hth<BR><BR>Franco

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