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    Is it possible to write asp code that will call a database table, select the email address field, mail out a message using CDONTS to specify the Subject, Body, From, To fields and then select the next record and repeat the process over to the end of the table?<BR><BR>I had sent out a message to about 50 clients used one of the clients in the To field then BCc the rest!! I thought they would each get their own unique copy of the email but instead they all got BCC and could see the one persons email addie!<BR><BR>I only have a few hundred email addies recieving my email newsletter per month so I do not want to spend the $20 monthly and who knows what else setup fee to use a Listserv service.<BR><BR>Daniel<BR>

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    This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but on my website,, I have an email list that gets mailed everyday. What I do is put my address in the to field and the bcc everyone else. This way, I get a copy of what is being sent out and nobody can see who else is getting the email.

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