Ultimate Arcade needs someone who has at least a basic knowledge of Flash<BR>but a very very extensive knowledge of ASP scripting for a 1-2 day project.<BR>Please reply to jobem@bellsouth.net<BR>If you have a resume or url examples please send them as well.<BR><BR>Info on Ultimate Arcade:<BR>***Coming Soon!**<BR>UltimateArcade.com, a resource and marketing tool for online game<BR>developers.<BR><BR>Have you ever thought about developing a video game, but didn&#039t even know<BR>where to start? Are you a person who needs some "base" programming code in<BR>order to expand on your own unique idea? Or are you an expert programmer who<BR>needs a talented designer/animator to make your ideas a reality? Well, look<BR>no further, Ultimate Arcade is here! http://www.ultimatearcade.com<BR><BR>Ultimate Arcade is an online gaming resource that is about to *shock* the<BR>Flash world! At Ultimate Arcade you will be able to download advanced game<BR>code, play various games, read tutorials written by our experts from all<BR>over the world, or discuss any number of online gaming topics in our Virtual<BR>Forums. Ultimate Arcade is a meeting place for Flash and Shockwave online<BR>game developers.<BR><BR>Are you a graphic designer but do not know (or care to know) the technical<BR>programming that goes into a game? Or are you a programmer that needs a<BR>graphic designer? If you are, then use our Virtual Forums to find the<BR>perfect person to compliment your project.<BR><BR>Don&#039t Miss it...Click here (http://www.ultimatearcade.com) and sign-up for<BR>our Ultimate Newsletter. We will notify you when we go live!<BR><BR>For now, check out a few of our games.<BR><BR>For questions feel free to contact Jobe Makar at jobem@bellsouth.net<BR><BR><BR>--<BR>Jobe Makar<BR>Ultimate Arcade<BR>http://www.ultimatearcade.com<BR>phone: 919-215-9601<BR>fax: 520-833-9999<BR><BR>