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    Are you an enthusiastic up and coming asp developer who understands relational databases.<BR> We are a creative company<BR>( ) and need someone to join the team<BR>Call Tim or Martin on 020 88779348<BR>

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    suresh Guest

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    hello,<BR>i am suresh from india.i don&#039t find u&#039r mail id to send my give id either here or mail at<BR>thank u

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    Dear sir,<BR> My name is Yogesh Tamhankar and I have got 2+ years of IT experience .Currently I am working on ASP project for some Advertisement agency like main Idead is to create web marketplace where there two set of customers, Adevrtisers (buyers) who buy hte ADs and Publishers (sellers) who sell this Ads.<BR>Looking forward for hearing from you.My Email Id is <BR><BR> <BR>Thanx & Regds,<BR><BR>Yogesh<BR>

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    saritha Guest

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    I am an asp developer looking out for a job where i can show my skills.I am looking for a right place anywhere.I dont beleive in stagnation keep exploring is my only wish.Hope i get a good place thats right for me.

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