First of all, the familiar disclaimer: I am sort of new to ASP.<BR><BR>Now with that aside, I&#039d like to ponder a workaround of sorts for the ongoing plight of dynamic includes in ASP. From what I understand, includes are processed before the ASP script is parsed. Also, the workaround suggested by the FAQs suggests including predetermined files and nesting them in CASES so only one shows. The solution that I have found will dynamically include a variable source. BUT, the catch is that such a file cannot be further parsed... Well how bout I just show the code so as to make more sense:<BR><BR><BR>SUB include(inc_file)<BR> Dim filesystem, textfile, filepath<BR> filepath = Server.mappath(inc_file)<BR> Set filesystem = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")< BR> IF filesystem.FileExists(filepath) THEN<BR> Set textfile = filesystem.OpenTextFile(filepath, 1)<BR> Response.write textfile.ReadAll<BR> ELSE<BR> Response.write "File " & inc_file & " not found."<BR> END IF<BR>END SUB<BR><BR><BR>Personally I have this traditionally included in some ASP pages and use them like so:<BR><BR><BR>file_name = Request.QueryString("filename")<BR>include(file_na me)<BR><BR><BR>Any thoughts? Suggestions? Any ideas on how to get the included file parsed if at all possible?!? Thanx - Cyanide_7