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    I have a form that enables users to add new product details into a database.<BR><BR>I need to upload the image of the product with the Product details via this 1 form.<BR><BR>The image has to be sent to a specific folder.<BR><BR>How is this done?<BR><BR>ps. There isn&#039t really any free beer here.

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    Skippie Guest

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    You may want to write it so the user can FTP it to the directory.<BR>You&#039ll want to get an FTP component from somewhere, and you may<BR>have to pay for it. Thus there isn&#039t really any free answer<BR>here.<BR><BR>-- Skippie

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    Try MS Posting Acceptor. It&#039s free. It works via HTTP<BR>you can see examples over at the ASPTODAY site.<BR>If you need assistance, e-mail me at:<BR><BR><BR>Ra ndy

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