This is somewhat of a large posting and there are a number of questions asked... <BR><BR>HOWEVER, the questions should be fairly simple for a lot of you considering some of the other questions that I have seen posted here.<BR><BR>I&#039ve been asked to create a web page in which has four frames 1st takes up half the page (100% across & 50% down)<BR>2nd, 3rd and 4th are across the bottom half of the page. They each take up 33% of the width of the page.<BR><BR>1st Problem: I want each frame to contain a List box, but don&#039t know how to create a list box in HTML or whatever would be best.<BR><BR>Above each of the lower frames I have a Drop Down Box. In the first box there is a list of items that can be displayed in the first frame/list box. In the second box there is a list of items that can be displayed in the second frame/list box and so on...<BR><BR>2nd Problem: How do I populate a listbox Dymanically (so the items in the list box are not hard coded into the page)<BR><BR>After the first list box has been populated, the user should be able to select items from that list box. Then they can proceed to click on the next Drop Down box and select an item form that to display more information in the second list box.<BR><BR>The key to this is that what appears in the next Drop Down box is dependant on the user selects in the first Drop Down box<BR><BR>3rd Problem, How do I populate the second and third Drop Down Boxes Dymanically (again without having any of the items hard coded into the page)?<BR><BR>4th Problem and probably the hardest one: All the information that will be displayed in the listboxes is from a Database and I don&#039t know how to "link up", you might say, to the database to get the information.<BR><BR>I have a background in C++ as well as few books at my disposal, but I have not been able to find what I am looking for (it might be there, but I can&#039t find it). The books are...<BR><BR>"Special Edition - Using Dynamic HTML" by QUE<BR>"JavaScript - The Definative Guide" an O&#039REILLY book by David Flanagan<BR>as well as another DHTML book by Microsoft that I can&#039t seem to find right now.<BR><BR>Any help that anyone could give me would be great. Even if it&#039s as simple as a good Web Site that they know of.<BR><BR>Ben Verwey<BR>BC Hydro<BR><BR>