Checking for Duplicate usernames.

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Thread: Checking for Duplicate usernames.

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    David Highlander Guest

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    I want to check and make sure that a "USERNAME" has not already been taken. <BR><BR>If I am passing a form called "usernamedata" to another page - and that form gets inserted into a table field called "username" what type of staetement can I write to see if the username is already taken BEFORE it ever gets inserted?

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    SPG Guest

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    set checkRS = objConn.execute("select top 1 userName from myTable where userName = &#039" & userName & "&#039")<BR>if not checkRS.eof then<BR> &#039 The UserName is already in use<BR>else<BR> &#039 The UserName is not already in use<BR>end if<BR>checkRS.close<BR>set checkRS.eof<BR><BR>Alternately, you could put a "unique" or "primary key" constraint on the user name.<BR><BR>HiH

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