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    Im trying to do an if statement that validates if the Key in the Scripting Dictionary is numeric.. this is my if statement<BR><BR>If not isnumeric(Key) then <BR>do this..<BR>else<BR>Do this other thing<BR>end if<BR><BR>i have also tried this<BR><BR>if IsNumeric(key) &#060;&#062; true then<BR>do this<BR>else<BR>do this instead<BR>end if<BR><BR>can someone please tell me the correct way to validate a key in a Scripting dictionary? if its a Number i want it else i wanna skip over it.. <BR>thanks<BR>Wesley<BR>

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    Nothing wrong with the code you show. How about showing where you get "key" from? Mayhap that is the problem?<BR><BR>

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